double love #1

the first book in the sweet valley series like EVER! omg! it was like so weird to read this one after i’ve read like 20 others, but WOW it was like SO AMAZING! and i can kind of see now why some of the really annoying horrible things happened in sweet valley confidential even though i still think it was horrible to write those things down on paper. type those things down on paper. whatever!

SO jessica likes todd because he is the star basketball player and she is head cheerleader, makes sense that they should be together hello! todd likes liz because she’s not totally mental and self absorbed, but is still blonde and hot and even though she’s a writer and she’s like smart and stuff, she actually looks like a cheerleader – the PERFECT WOMAN y’all! LIZ likes todd because he’s hot pretty much, and because he’s like “such a nice guy” or some crap. really, todd is a dork in jock’s clothing and i think we’ll all agree there are like a billion better looking, richer, more interesting guys in SVH, but liz picks todd, even though she ends up with bruce patman in THE END!

anyway, this whole book is basically about jess making up TOTAL LIES so that she can get todd, like he calls their house and she’s like “jessica is out on dates with hot boys” when really, jess is reading a book or cooking dinner even though it’s jessica’s turn AGAIN that lazy bitch! todd is a dick because he believes all this crap and ends up going to the dance with JESSICA even though he wants to go with liz, well, they like look the same so whatever!

it’s only when liz and jess get car-jacked by a MANIAC (a guy that jessica went on a date with once, well she’s been on a date with everyone pretty much once) and taken to a BAR! OMG! that todd comes along and saves them by punching out said maniac and then making out with LIZ! even though five pages earlier he was making out with jess… todd makes out with BOTH twins in ONE BOOK? what a skeeze. and what the hell are these girls doing? like if todd makes out with your twin do you still want to DATE him? like what is so great about todd anyway? does he drive a porsche? no. does he live on a mansion on a hill? no. is his name bruce patman? no. todd is so beige it makes me never want to read “todd’s story”, the whole book which is about todd, even though i promised myself i was going to read them all –  GAG ME!

anyway, this was great. five stars.


3 thoughts on “double love #1

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    S is for Sweet Valley. This is my Sweet Valley High blog which I used to be really into. I kind of gave up on it after realising there were so many hundreds of SVH books still to read and I was basically signing my (reading) life away by reading them all, because I have like, a real life too. Haha! Enjoy. x

  2. I’m pretending Confidential doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s because I started with Sweet Valley Twins rather than High. There’s just something wrong with Todd ending up with Jessica. Of course, I don’t understand how Bruce could end up with Elizabeth either so whatever lol.

    • The whole Todd being in love with Jessica thing was ridiculous! I wanted to throw that book at a wall, or in the rubbish!! I did always fancy Bruce though, so I get the whole Bruce and Liz story line. Haha! x

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